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Values:  A Foundation for Performance


American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association


The values of an organization – it’s underlying beliefs – set the stage for all that it accomplishes.  In the absence of a strong system of values – and sincere commitment to the system – accomplishment often lacks direction and is robbed a measure of its potential significance.  This very fundamental precept has led the Association to a definition of those values that guide the American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association and form the foundation for all that we do – the spirit in which we approach our stated mission and program plans.


The values embody the essence of all that the Association strives for in each of our membership programs.




We believe that service to members is our highest priority.  Programs are evaluated and provided from the perspective of filling member needs.




We believe in excellence in all that we do.  We strive for a consistent and high standard of quality in each endeavor.  This standard of excellence is the benchmark for assessing each of our program offerings.




We believe that teamwork is essential in meeting the objectives of the Association.  Teamwork involves a strong partnership with members and leadership as well as cooperation with those who represent healthcare associations, organizations, government agencies, financial and business interest.



Importance of Individuals                 

We believe in the importance of individuals.  We maintain a strong “people orientation” and seek to treat members with respect, dignity and fairness.  The dedication of people – their enthusiasm, their spirit, and their support – shapes our collective personality and gives impetus and meaning to our objectives.



Innovation and Creativity                       

We believe in encouraging innovation and creativity.  Innovation is finding new ways of accomplishing our objectives.



Financial Responsibility                       

We believe in conducting the Association with financial responsibility and a prudent approach to business.  We recognize the necessity to accumulate equity in order to meet the future needs of members.  Growth opportunities are actively sought from within and outside the Association in areas that capitalize upon our strengths.




Adopted:  May 21, 2003



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