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American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association
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History of the American Pediatric

Surgery Managers Association


The concept for the American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association began in October of 1990 when four pediatric surgery managers from the United States met in Toronto, Canada while attending the annual MGMA Conference.  Following several discussions regarding a professional management organization which could primarily address the concerns of pediatric surgery managers, the four managers contacted Robert M. Filler, MD, a pediatric surgeon from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada who was then President of the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA).  Dr. Filler welcomed the four managers to Toronto and with his encouragement and support the final plans for a new organization were complete. 


With the assistance of APSA, pediatric surgery office managers in the United States and Canada were informed of American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association's objectives and encouraged to join.  The primary goals were to provide ongoing enlightenment of the management needs for pediatric surgery practices and to develop a bond for managers who have the responsibility for maintaining a productive, managed environment within their respective practices.


To date, the organization has an Executive Board, committees, and a membership of over 57.  American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association's commitment to education and networking has continued throughout the years with annual meetings which have been held at such places as Walt Disney World, San Antonio, Hilton Head Island, San Diego, Tucson, Naples, Nashville, and Newport Beach. 


Our bond has also continued with APSA and we have been fortunate to have had the following pediatric surgeons speak at our annual conferences:  Drs. Roger Cohen, John Crow, Michael Curci, Diller Groff, Ronald Hirschl, David Rustad, Bernard Spencer, W. Raleigh Thompson, Eugene Wiener, Moritz Ziegler, R. Hampton Rich, Robert Bloss and N. Scott Adzick.


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